MSC container ship fire, Baltic UPDATE

Nov 7 0945 UTC UPDATE: Finnish CG was alerted at around 0000 UTC Nov 7 by fire report from container ship MSC SHANNON in western Gulf of Finland, southwest of Helsinki. Fire erupted in engine room, the ship was disabled, but according to official statement issued later, the ship was about to resume her voyage. According to her track and some other details, though, accident isn’t yet over or probably, is far from over. The ship apparently was towed in northern direction, most likely in order to get her from busy shipping lanes. She’s still adrift with two CG SAR ships nearby.

Nov 7 0500 UTC report: Container ship MSC SHANNON disabled, adrift since probably, 0000 UTC Nov 7 in western Gulf of Finland, or earlier, approached by Finnish CG ship. En route from S-Petersburg to Le Havre France, ETA Nov 10. 0500 UTC: Still adrift, with Finnish CG ship nearby, apparently monitoring situation.

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